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If you like my work, then please leave a comment before, or immediately after, you favorite. I put a lot of care into it, and I would like to know what you think about it. And please, no trolls.


We have six new Programs to fight against the MCP, created by fanficreader 837, who is also the creator of XANA general Damion Malvolio!

First up, A program named Alex! (please note: This is not the same Alex as Alexander Stark by Zenoxen , who has requested his character by renamed "Ayit".

Program Name: Alex
Program Residual Self Image (That means looks): Big muscular black guy, longish black hair.
Program Personality: somewhere between Ulrich and William 
Program Function: Construction i.e.; he's got muscle and can take a few hits from tanks
Program Background: he was part of Tron City's construction crew when he felt Xana's distress call.

Next we have... Alistair, a rebellious spy!

Program Name: Altair
Program Residual Self Image (That means looks): hood and robes that he never takes off unless he's in the privacy of his own home. His lines are on the clothes under his robe. Pale skin with white hair and red eyes.
Program Personality: loner, secretive 
Program Function: Spy; quiet and direct data gathering
Program Background: Altair never fit in all that well in the Grid, so he kept to himself. Was practicing his stealth skills when he felt Xana's call.

Third is Edward! A security program with an odd quirk!
Program Name: Edward
Program Residual Self Image (That means looks): Typically wears a blue-lined black-guard's uniform, appears to be Asian.
Program Personality: sort of an "empty program, fakes happiness and other emotions in public so as to not freak people out.
Program Function: Security
Program Background: him and John worked at the same storage warehouse

Average Joe, John!
Program Name: John
Program Residual Self Image (That means looks): average height and build, brown hair and eyes
Program Personality: Protective of those he cares about, friendly
Program Function: general assistance
Program Background: him and Edward worked at the same storage warehouse

And lastly, Simulation and music program Pidge

Program Name: Pidge
Program Residual Self Image (That means looks): Small and skinny, blond, blue green eyes
Program Personality: smart guy likes heavy music he's a good listener always working to improve his stuff
Program Function: Simulations and music, as well as other technology
Program Background: 
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: My Prospit playlist
  • Reading: Inheritance
  • Watching: SNK dub
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: Gulosh
  • Drinking: Sunny D


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United States
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
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Dave Strider
Dave Strider
Take What Homestuck character are you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.</p>
It's obvious that Dave is really fucking cool. He jeers at John's inability to set up his Sylladex's Fetch Modus when John asks him for help and berates John's interests constantly. Dave is much more skilled than the other three characters, who either through their own cluelessness, admission, or silliness are less capable than he is. Through the conversations of Pesterchum and his own introduction, Dave already has his Strife Specibus set and he has one of the most advanced Sylladices available, giving him a huge advantage over the other three characters. Jade may be able to maximize the use of her Sylladex due to her precognitive abilities, but under normal circumstances it'd be close to entirely useless.

His incredible coolness also enables him to stay level-headed when dealing with supernatural things, (like Sburb) incredible things (like Meteors or Time Travel), or generally disconcerting things (like seeing his own corpse or talking about his dead friends).

Despite being the coolest thing since the Fluffer Nutter, Dave seems to be easily influenced by John. He has never removed John's gift, citing irony as the reason, and John's talk of the monster Howie Mandel stopped him from enjoying his Apple Juice. Also, it is important to note that Dave never feared his brother's puppets until John pointed out how unnerving they were. It might be that Dave is just an easily influenced person based on his inner desire to be super cool, but he has no problem keeping his distance with Rose.

Dave is a bit forgetful. He always loses his place in the latest MS Paint Adventure, sets several Sylladex traps, only to release them on himself moments later, completely forgets to pour out some Apple Juice for his homie, forgets all about his Timetables and thus, forgets he can go back in time, and even manages to forget his own intentions to forget something. (though that one might be him being ironic again)

Dave keeps a calm facade up to the exact moment he flies off the handle. This has happened when something makes him look stupid, like being buried under a mountain of puppet dick or having crows invade his personal space.

Underneath his cool facade he appears to be rather caring towards animals; he was visibly upset when he accidentally harmed a Rambunctious Crow and he may share Jade's interest in anthropomorphically persuaded fauna. However, this might just be one of his many ironic gestures. Regardless, his gift to Jade - a picture of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff as furries - seems pretty sincere.

On wikia, I am known as Per Ankh. On Fanfiction, as Novanto. On my imaginary world of Balencia, I am the world leader known as: the Master Mitosi. I have power over fire (…, light, air (…, ice, water (…, shadows (like the one attached to your feet), earth (like dirt and rocks) (…, and heat.
My Fanfic account can be found here:
My wikia Account is here:…
The one thing you do NOT want to do is insult my family, even as a joke. Why? Because you may be seriously injured.

Personal Quote: I have a Zekrom and a Rayquaza, and I'm not afraid use them!

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