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If you like my work, then please leave a comment before, or immediately after, you favorite. I put a lot of care into it, and I would like to know what you think about it. And please, no trolls.


So there I was, browsing around looking for fics where Sour Cream and/or the other Cool Kids are interacting on a regular or semi-regular basis with Steven, Connie, and the Crystal Gems. Finding very little, if any at all, I came up with this AU! Props (and credit) to garr9988 and StarryOak for helping to come up with some of these ideas! <> to ya both!
Anywho, the gist of this AU is that everything in canon is pretty much the same, except for that Beach City has two Gem Hybrids in its population: The Rose Quartz Steven as in Canon, and a pale white diamond Sour Cream!

So, it starts off with Marty being an impure white diamond spy, sent by the Gem Authority White Diamond to Earth. Officially, this is to spy on any Crystal Gems who survived the War (aka our group). Unofficially, and obvious to diamond!Marty, its a way to get him away from Homeworld before he can usurp White Diamond’s throne (that and he’s not a perfect diamond). For the Authority, this is sort of a win/win situation: Either Marty gets shattered or bubbled by the CGs and is therefore no longer a problem, or he returns anyway with information on the CGs.

Marty goes “F that noise!” and takes on a human name and appearance, (his shirt conveniently covering up his gemstone). Fast-forwarding to young Greg becoming a musician as in canon with Marty’s assistance, them arriving at Beach City where Greg meets Rose Quartz and Marty meeting Vidalia.

Marty and Vidalia do the do and he leaves as soon as he hears that she’s pregnant. He vanishes, giving up his physical form, and his gemstone manifests on the baby Sour Cream (side note, this is how Rose finds out that bit about how she’ll need to give up her own physical form to produce Steven). The ultrasound is odd because the infant has an almost priceless, oval-cut precious stone in its chest, yet is otherwise completely normal. He also has all the innards and private bits (aside from an appendix) that one would expect to find on a human male, including a stomach, lungs, penis, and all the rest.

Sour Cream grows up, living life as a human and having no clue as to his abilities with Vidalia, who marries Yellowtail and then has Onion. SC meets and befriends the Cool kids, and meets Steven for the first time, quickly becoming friends with the younger boy during the Rose’s moss incident and nearly dying in the process.

Blah blah blah more canon events… SC is absolutely terrified of the Gem Hand Ship, and is the one who convinces his family to leave town. The direct following of Steven Universe Canon ends some time after the Steven Floats. He and the Cool Kids are sneakily observing Steven and the Gems battling a monster. Sour Cream is promptly impaled through the stomach.

A note on SC’s biology: While Steven is a pure 50/50 hybrid and thus will die if he gets impaled, Sour Cream is more 49/51 hybrid, in favor of his Gem side which allows him to access the Gem regeneration ability. As a result, almost immediately after he gets impaled, SC’s body promptly poofs into light just like a pure Gem. His clothes collapse into a pile, and peeking out of the hoodie is his Gemstone. The CG’s quickly defeat the Monster before rushing over to the now-panicking Buck and Jenny. The Gems are very much stunned (even Garnet, who did NOT see that coming), and even more so when Sour Cream reforms, clad only in what looks like boxers to preserve his dignity and plops down on the ground in state of shock, looking slightly more Gem-like than human. Steven gently calms him down somehow and hands SC his clothes, which he puts on behind a rock.

Sour Cream and the other cool kids, and eventually the more curious citizens of Beach City then come to the Temple regularly to learn about Gem-kind. He composes a few songs about political figures (the one about/against Yellow Diamond would be considered scandalous! It would be used as a rallying cry against her, while Rose Quartz’s song is beautiful and causes Greg to cry), Fusion (Garnet/Ruby and Sapphire love it, and makes for an AWESOME rave song), and history (the Gem War song is deeply tragic).

Before he can manage to summon his personal weapon, he stumbles upon Peridot’s limb enhancers (this bit was inspired by redpenn (‘s picture of Gem!Sour Cream here:… Props to you, redpenn!). Peridot is happy they’re found, but relents and gives them to Sour Cream, who recolors them to suit his preferences as Peri teaches him in their use (SC quickly gets the hang of it, and learns how to use them and their glowstick fingers with his DJing. He relies on these as a weapon until he manages to summon his own.

SC’s unique abilities are primarily sound-based, inspired by his DJ-ing skill. His unique weapon would be a nunchaku, which he fights with in the Freestyle variant. In this verse, he’d also be the second person to fuse with Steven.

Still working on some points, such as why Diamond!Marty vanishes and how Sour Cream gets the Gem on his body, but otherwise this is the basis for the AU.

OTHER TIDBITS: His gem's pocket dimension has glowing diamonds which resemble rave lights or glowsticks. A more upbeat version of the Diamond theme fills the air, something akin to this: [lmusic here a remix of Blue Diamond's theme]. More details are in the works.
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Dave Strider
Dave Strider
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It's obvious that Dave is really fucking cool. He jeers at John's inability to set up his Sylladex's Fetch Modus when John asks him for help and berates John's interests constantly. Dave is much more skilled than the other three characters, who either through their own cluelessness, admission, or silliness are less capable than he is. Through the conversations of Pesterchum and his own introduction, Dave already has his Strife Specibus set and he has one of the most advanced Sylladices available, giving him a huge advantage over the other three characters. Jade may be able to maximize the use of her Sylladex due to her precognitive abilities, but under normal circumstances it'd be close to entirely useless.

His incredible coolness also enables him to stay level-headed when dealing with supernatural things, (like Sburb) incredible things (like Meteors or Time Travel), or generally disconcerting things (like seeing his own corpse or talking about his dead friends).

Despite being the coolest thing since the Fluffer Nutter, Dave seems to be easily influenced by John. He has never removed John's gift, citing irony as the reason, and John's talk of the monster Howie Mandel stopped him from enjoying his Apple Juice. Also, it is important to note that Dave never feared his brother's puppets until John pointed out how unnerving they were. It might be that Dave is just an easily influenced person based on his inner desire to be super cool, but he has no problem keeping his distance with Rose.

Dave is a bit forgetful. He always loses his place in the latest MS Paint Adventure, sets several Sylladex traps, only to release them on himself moments later, completely forgets to pour out some Apple Juice for his homie, forgets all about his Timetables and thus, forgets he can go back in time, and even manages to forget his own intentions to forget something. (though that one might be him being ironic again)

Dave keeps a calm facade up to the exact moment he flies off the handle. This has happened when something makes him look stupid, like being buried under a mountain of puppet dick or having crows invade his personal space.

Underneath his cool facade he appears to be rather caring towards animals; he was visibly upset when he accidentally harmed a Rambunctious Crow and he may share Jade's interest in anthropomorphically persuaded fauna. However, this might just be one of his many ironic gestures. Regardless, his gift to Jade - a picture of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff as furries - seems pretty sincere.

On wikia, I am known as Per Ankh. On Fanfiction, as Novanto. On my imaginary world of Balencia, I am the world leader known as: the Master Mitosi. I have power over fire (…), light, air (…), ice, water (…), shadows (like the one attached to your feet), earth (like dirt and rocks) (…), and heat.
My Fanfic account can be found here:
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The one thing you do NOT want to do is insult my family, even as a joke. Why? Because you may be seriously injured.

Personal Quote: I have a Zekrom and a Rayquaza, and I'm not afraid use them!

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